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January 12, 2012 11:54 pm

The Prince Charming List

So basically, The Prince Charming List is a list of characteristics you want in an ideal guy…

For example:
stable profession*
family focused*

*must have

This list is helpful because it gets you thinking about the kind of person your ‘soulmate’ is. Also it helps weed out the sleezeballs and bimbos. The list should be specific enough so not everybody makes the cut but general enough to account for human imperfection. obviously you would never waste any time with somebody that doesn’t meet the ‘must have’ requirements. also timing is very important…it’s probably a good idea to prove to yourself that you can be single for a while; it will make you more independent and gain mastery over your emotions. Remember to be flexible as your list will probably change over time. also, look for guys with the potential to be this prince charming, leaving room from growth and maturation. At the same time, don’t cling too closely to the hope of radical change, know when to let go and when to move on.

hope this helps! —Y.

…So one of my best friends from high school sent me this above blurb today in response to my recent failed attempts to adjust to single life. He pretty much wadded everything up into a crystal ball filled with ice cold water and threw it at my face. Blunt and brilliant. I am so thankful and really appreciate it. Hopefully this post will help someone else out there going through the same battle as I am: fighting between the obvious answer to the future and the relentless past.